Amalgam Waste

As part of our commitment to offering a sustainable and environmentally conscious service, all of the amalgam waste we collect is sent for recovery and recycling. Our services ensures that your waste is dealt with safely, legally and in the most environmentally effective way possible.

Our unique range of co-ordinated containers are designed to ensure that disposing of your amalgam waste is as simple and safe as possible. Each of these containers has an integral mercury suppressant foam to help ensure the safety of your staff.

Our range of services include: 

Amalgam waste

For the safe disposal of any excess quantities of mixed amalgam.

Tooth box

For the safe and hygienic disposal of extracted teeth which contain amalgam.  This service is particularly useful for those sites that are amalgam free and will only rarely come into contact with amalgam filled extractions.

Amalgam Capsule

For the safe and legally compliant disposal of amalgam capsules, offering a flexible choice to suit your practice.

Amalgam Separator

In partnership with leading dental waste equipment suppliers including Duerr and Cattani, we offer a unique service for the disposal of amalgam separator waste. We collect the waste in the original container, removing the need to empty and wash the separator cups.  We then a leave a replacement container at every service.

  • All models of Duerr and Cattani separators
  • Safe and compliant removal of waste
  • Replacement container included in service price 

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Safely dispose of your dental amalgam waste       Hygienic disposal with our amalgam waste services
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