Mercury, Body Fluid and Blood Spillages

Protecting staff, patients and visitors from the risks associated with a spillage of fluids or chemicals is vitally important.

By ensuring that best practice guidelines are followed and that the right equipment is used to contain and clear up a spillage, staff and patients are protected against the spread of infection and the harmful effects of some chemicals.   

Blood Spillage

A spillage of blood can be especially dangerous in areas where there is a higher risk for contact with blood-borne viruses. Staff members who are expected to deal with
these spillages should be fully equipped to deal with these incidents efficiently.   

Mercury Spillage

Mercury is the World Health Organisation’s number one environmental poison and exposure to a mercury spillage can pose immediate and long-term health problems.

Organisations must ensure that spills are safely contained, cleaned and disposed of to protect staff from the potential harmful effects of exposure to mercury.

Body Fluid Spillage

Spillages of fluids such as vomit and urine, are very unpleasant and spread bacteria from stomach viruses and other pathogens carried in waste body fluids, so have to be dealt with quickly and safely.

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Mercury, Body Fluid and Blood Spillage kits 

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