Medical Waste Disposal and Collection

Our medical waste disposal and collection services are designed to offer a customised and cost-effective solution to dispose of your clinical, pharmaceutical and dental wastes.

With an independent and nationwide network of 27 depots enabling us to provide you with the service you need at the price you want.

Duty of Care

Medical waste is a highly legislated area and we will ensure that all waste is handled strictly in line with current legislation and according to your Duty of Care obligations.

Environmental Benefits

As well as supporting new recycling technologies, we are committed to using local disposal sites that offer Energy from Waste recovery wherever possible.

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Clinical Waste Disposal Services

Clinical Waste

Sharps disposal, anatomical waste, body, blood and mercury spillages, we have a range of service that can be tailored to your needs, ensuring full compliance

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Pharmaceutical Waste Services

Pharmaceutical Waste

Flexible services for the convenient and cost effective disposal of waste medicines, returned or out of date counter stocks, hazardous and controlled drugs

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Dental Waste Disposal Services

Dental Waste

Services for the disposal all of dental wastes such as amalgam, lead foils, x-ray developer chemicals, sharps and hard dental wastes

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