Medical Best Practice

The safe and cost effective disposal of healthcare waste starts on the front line of healthcare services with nurses, doctors and healthcare practitioners.

The latest edition of The Safe Management of Healthcare Waste Memorandum (HTM 07-01) provides safer and more efficient waste segregation and which can ultimately lead to significant reduction in costs.

The latest update includes key amendments such as:

  • The introduction and definition of new waste identification terms such as offensive waste, infectious clinical waste and medicinal waste.
  • A revised colour coded system for effective waste segregation.
  • A focus on effective waste segregation at source and how correct segregation can dramatically reduce costs.
  • Updates on the hazardous waste consignment note system.
  • Environmental permitting and transport regulations.
  • A focus on The Waste Hierarchy and how to apply it.
  • A drive to reduce the carbon impact of operations across the healthcare sector.
  • Inclusion of a new sector guides on GP's, dental practices and community pharmacies.
  • Case studies to highlight examples of Best Practice in action and how it was implemented.  

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