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Recycling Business of the Year!


PHS Wastemanagement has been recognised for its approach to ensuring excellence in recycling and waste management at its light recycling facility in Norfolk.

PHS Wastemanagement demonstrates recycling and waste management excellence

This approach has seen around 97% of the external waste that goes out recycled with 20,863kg of aluminium ends, 35,467kg of glass, 8,343kg of mercury, 12,520kg mixed metals and 20,450kg of plastic being recycled in 2014.

PHS Wastemanagement is now one of the largest dedicated light tube recycling plants in Europe and works with dozens of retailers, local authorities, manufacturers and government backed Recolite.

Commenting on the accolade, Clare Noble, Managing Director of PHS Wastemanagement said:

“We are delighted to receive the Recycling Business of the Year accolade at the twelfth annual Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management in London. This is an excellent achievement for the team and I personally want to thank each and everyone for their continued efforts to deliver value, not just internally, but for the benefits of all of our customers.

“During 2014 PHS Wastemanagement processed more than 491,007Kg  tonnes worth of lamps and this figure is set to rise during 2015. This requires a clear focus on using waste as a resource and bringing about behaviour change for everyone’s benefit.”

PHS Wastemanagement is fully compliant with the latest guidance and legislation and requires no contract to access.

Collections are arranged around the needs of its customers and ensure that the customer’s input into the process is kept to a minimum by handling all the paperwork, resolving any issues quickly and collecting waste promptly - even in more remote locations.

The Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management cover best practice across the retail, commercial bodies and local authority and waste management sectors and is organised by the Environment Media Group.

Other finalists in the Recycling Business of the Year category, sponsored by Ceris Burns International, were:

• BPR Group Europe

• EMC Europe

• Simply Cups: Paper Cup Recycling Scheme

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